Tiny Farm had some major additions to the play of the game. There was a new Trophy icon added to the screen play of the game. This icon should be located on the left side of the screen with the missions and Event Box. The title bar has an achievement score, progress bar with percentage, and 0/1090 (there are 1090 Achievements total). Once an achievement has been reached a banner will appear briefly at the top of the screen, then a notice icon on your Trophy icon. The completed achievement will have to be searched to see which one was completed if the banner was missed. A blue reward sign will be to the side of the task, once that is tapped the reward is collected in game. (nothing will go to the gift box). You can keep rewards in the achievement section and wait to collect for later by no tapping the reward button

The Achievements have 5 different categories which most are self expained, but the few that give little or no explanation have been posted. The Achievement status will sometimes have a counter to show far of the task has been completed. For example : Give love to your animals 30 times. If you have given the animals love 15 times it will show 15/30; u need to give love 15 more times for a total of 30.


These are self explanatory. These are a few of the missions to achieve. Each one completed is 10 Achievement Points and a reward specified like bells, gold, love points.

  • Level Achievements: Reach Lvl: L10...L40.L60
  • Play every day for:...25 days
  • Have Gold in the amounts of: 100,000 gold,1,000,000 gold
  • Upgrade your farm to: 8 blocks, 11 blocks


These tasks mainly involve the use of your animals. These are a few examples and some that have some question about completing. There will be an award of 10 Achievement Points and either gold, bells, or hearts.

  • I Believe in Unicorns ???? (0/1) --At this time this can not be completed, many think it involves having the Heroic Unicorn to complete. Who knows.
  • Complete Collections
  • Breed your animals: 60....100 times
  • Purchase animals: 100 times (use the collection book to rebuy animals; like the chicken)
  • Sell your animals: 200 times (the offspring from breeding, or rebuy chicken from collection and sell it, you break even on gold)


These tasks include use of the Tiny Village, Tiny Beach, Tiny Farm, the Store, buildings. These award 10 Achievement Points and a specified award like bells, gold, for each one completed.

  • Ace Fishing- Complete the first 3 Decoration Collections on Tiny Beach Beginner Fisherman, Advanced Fisherman, Coral Reef Collector. Credits to iamvipmo
  • Welcome to the Doll House- Complete Teddy Bear, Nutcracker, Gingerbread Decoration Collections



Tiny Farm Season 3 Preview

Here are some Achievements that are coming soon