The Animal Barn is a building in the game Tiny Farm.


(No requirements)  Price: 1,000 gold to purchase the building.

The first additional slot costs 500 gold, and each additional costs 500 gold more than the previous purchased slot, so the first slot costs 500, the second costs 1,000, the third costs 1,500, and so on. As of the latest patch, players are now able to purchase barn slots, starting at 10 Bells. The Bell amount can increase up to 30.

The Animal Barn acts as a storage space for animals currently on the farm. As each animal slot for the farm becomes very expensive quickly, the barn is an efficient way to keep many animals readily available for raising on the farm as each barn slot scales much lower in price than animal slots. Animals do NOT grow when in the barn. Their progress, however, is saved so when you bring them out later from the Animal Barn the timer will pick up where it left off.

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