The Bighorn Sheep is one of the animals in the game Tiny Farm.

Bighorn Sheep


Cost: Bell small15, Level 1 required. Can also be attained as a reward for having all 3 Sheep.

Dairy Cow Statistics
Color Time Grow Profit/hr Sale Price Love Book Price
Yellow 4 Hrs Exp small190 Gold small95 Exp small47.8 Gold small23.8 Gold small1,150 4 Bell small15
Brown 4 Hrs Exp small210 Gold small105 Exp small52.5 Gold small26.3 Gold small2,300 6 Bell small30
Black 4 Hrs Exp small230 Gold small115 Exp small57.5 Gold small28.8 Gold small3,450 8 Bell small60
Talking 4 Hrs Exp small 250 Gold small 125 Exp small 62.5 Gold small 31.3 Gold small5,750 10 see shop

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Ranger Info: Gold small2,250 / takes 7.5 Hours

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