May 13th - May 27th 7pm PDT 2015


  • This Quest will be located under the Sheep's head on the left side of the play screen. A new collection to Tiny Farm has been added! "Collect all of the Card Animals and get the Joker Card as a reward!'-Com2us notice

Get the Animals!

This Quest consist of giving love to animals, breeding animals, and harvesting crops.

  • Give love to animals 10 times R: 50 exp, 3000 Gold
  • Breed Horses to get the Card Horse R: 50 exp, 300 Gold
  • Harvest 10 Carrots R: 50 exp, 3000 Gold, Toy Spade Tree
  • Breed Card Horse to get Card Duck R: 50 exp, 3000 Gold
  • Harvest 10 Potatoes R: 50 exp, 3000 Gold, Toy Clover Tree
  • Breed Card Duck to get Card Rabbit
    • completes the collection R: 465 exp, 4650 Gold, Joker card
    • Joker Card gives 465 Gold per 7 hrs (when placed in Toy Village)
  • Harvest 30 Carrots R: 50 exp, 3000 Gold, Toy Heart Tree
  • Give love to Card Magician Legendary Fox R: 50 exp, 3000 Gold
  • End of Quest Reward: 1 Recollection Coin

Credits go to hilgenberg and Eluzyion for info

Limited Time Items

During the Quest theme Quest or Event decorations will be available in the shop. Trump Cart, Trump Clock Tower, Trump Rabbit, Toy Spade Tree, Toy Clover Tree, Toy Heart Tree, Toy Diamond Tree

New items