Crops are only able to be planted through the use of Fields. They are a vital source of income and each field can provide far more Gold than an animal can.

  • Affectionate Fertilizer: When harvesting crops gold and xp will be increated by 25%.
    If a crop yields 20Exp small and 100Gold small, it will yield 25 Exp and 125 gold if you have this active.
    10Bell small for 24hrs,50 Bell small for 7 days.

Crops now are used to cook dishes on Tiny Farm. Use the Recipe Collection to the dishes and how to make them.

Normal Crops

Crop Plant Cost Time Harvest Harvest w/ Fertilizer Profit/30min Profit/30min w/Fertilizer
AlfalfaFree 1 Min Exp small1
Gold small5
Exp small 1
Gold small 6
Exp small30**
Gold small150**
Exp small 30**
Gold small 180**
Beans Gold small5 5 Mins Exp small2
Gold small20
Exp small 2
Gold small 25
Exp small12**
Gold small90**
Exp small 12**
Gold small 120**
CottonGold small600 30 Mins Exp small20
Gold small700
Exp small 25
Gold small 875
Exp small20
Gold small100
Exp small 25
Gold small 275
Wheat Gold small45 1 Hour Exp small35
Gold small180
Exp small 43
Gold small 225
Exp small17.5
Gold small68
Exp small 21.5
Gold small 112
Ginseng* Gold small450 1 Hour Exp small35
Gold small600
Exp small 43
Gold small 750
Exp small17.5
Gold small75
Exp small 21.5
Gold small 150
Golden Ginseng Bell small2 1 Hour Exp small140
Gold small1,200
Exp small 175
Gold small 1,500
Exp small70
Gold small600
Exp small87.5
Gold small 750
Garlic Gold small300 1 Hour 30 Mins Exp small45
Gold small500
Exp small 56
Gold small 625
Exp small15
Gold small67
Exp small 18.7
Gold small 108
Strawberries Gold small70 2 Hours Exp small55
Gold small280
Exp small 68
Gold small 350
Exp small13.8
Gold small53
Exp small 17
Gold small 70
Watermelon Gold small500 3 Hours Exp small70
Gold small770
Exp small 87
Gold small 962
Exp small11.7
Gold small45
Exp small 14.5
Gold small 77
Carrots Gold small100 4 Hours Exp small75
Gold small400
Exp small 93
Gold small 500
Exp small9.4
Gold small38
Exp small 11.6
Gold small 50
Rice Gold small175 5 Hours Exp small85
Gold small590
Exp small 106
Gold small 737
Exp small8.5
Gold small42
Exp small 10.6
Gold small 56
Potatoes Gold small115 6 Hours Exp small85
Gold small460
Exp small 106
Gold small 575
Exp small7.1
Gold small29
Exp small 8.8
Gold small 38
Sweet Potato Gold small200 7 Hours Exp small95
Gold small660
Exp small 118
Gold small 825
Exp small6.8
Gold small33
Exp small 8.4
Gold small 45
Tomatoes Gold small125 8 Hours Exp small95
Gold small500
Exp small 118
Gold small 625
Exp small5.9
Gold small23
Exp small 7.4
Gold small 31
Corn Gold small135 10 Hours Exp small100
Gold small540
Exp small 125
Gold small 675
Exp small5
Gold small23
Exp small 6.3
Gold small 27
Cucumbers Gold small140 12 Hours Exp small105
Gold small560
Exp small 131
Gold small 700
Exp small4.4
Gold small18
Exp small 5.5
Gold small 23
Pumpkin Gold small150 1 Day Exp small115
Gold small600
Exp small 143
Gold small 750
Exp small2.4
Gold small9
Exp small 3
Gold small 13

* Ginseng unlocks at level 15

** Theoretical maximum planting 30 alfalfa or 6 beans in 30 minutes

Seasonal Crops

These crops only make an appearance as a special product. Usually, only one of these is available for planting at a time, and after the event the crop will disappear and be unavailable for purchase. You will still be able to harvest and collect gold for the planted crops after the time has expired. Visit the Events for when each crop was available.

Sugarcane 300 8 Hrs Exp small95 Gold small750 Exp small5.94 Gold small46.88
Chocolate 70 2 hrs Exp small55 Gold small280 Exp small Gold small
Eleventh Avenue Beans 110 30 Mins Exp small15 Gold small215 Exp small15 Gold small105
Tiny Beach Watermelon 10 3 Hrs Exp small300 Gold small50 Exp small50 Gold small8.33
Potato Gold 150 1 Hr Exp small20 Gold small340 Exp small10 Gold small95
Sweet Potato +Gold 200 3 Hrs Exp small35 Gold small575 Exp small5.83 Gold small62.5
Rice +Xp 175 3 Hrs Exp small105 Gold small480 Exp small17.5 Gold small50.83
Strawberries +Xp 70 2 Hrs Exp small110 Gold small280 Exp small27.5

Gold small70

Winter Cotton 110 6 Hrs Exp small 108Gold small550Exp small Gold small
Valentine Chocolate 70 2 hrs Exp small110 Gold small280 Exp small Gold small
Elemental Plant 70 2 hrs Exp small110 Gold small280 Exp small Gold small