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Eggs are items (boxes, candy, envelopes, barrels, etc) that will hatch a random animal. They can be either placed on a map or be hatched in the Gacha menu. if you hatch in the menu you can choose whether to place the Animal on the map you currently are on or to store in your inventory

You can leave an Egg un-hatched on the maps for many days. To heighten their mastery isn't recommended as they won't give Animal Points. Eggs can be kept in your inventory for an unlimited time. They can be placed in the Animal Barn. Tiny Eggs can evolve into Silver, Golden and very seldom Radiant Eggs.

Where to get an Egg?

Eggs are special. They use up an animal slot just like an animal on your barn, they also take up a animal slot on the map, so you must have a open slot on the map in order to place the Egg on the map. After being "fed" once, they hatch and turn into another animal.

Eggs on Tiny Farm can be obtained different ways.

  • One Tiny Egg is awarded for logging in for 5 days straight, which means one can be acquired every 5 days.
  • There is a skill that can produce a random Egg, it costs one crown and 40 Eggshells
  • Eggs can be purchased in the shop with Bells starting at 10 Bells.
  • Unique Eggs will come from Events or Quests that will be used during that time.

Event Eggs have the special feature that when you purchase 10 Event Eggs at once, you will get another one for free.

Different Types of Eggs

*Please refer to the Egg Gallery of the different Eggs.

The Eggs are available only during certain times. Most Eggs will have time limits for how long they will be available for purchase. The Eggs can be obtain during the game after but just not in the shop or from an animal during a quest.

  • The Tiny Egg is always available for purchase in the shop
  • The Radiant Tiny Egg can always be purchased with Eggshells and Recollection Coins

What kind of animal an Egg can give you depends on the type of Egg.

The Eggs are so pretty they are also available as decoration for the farm Egg Decoration Collection