The Hampshire is an animal in the game Tiny Farm.



Cost: Bell small 50, Level 1 required. Can also be attained as a reward for having all 3 Spotted Pigs.

Ranger Info: Gold small7,500 / takes 25 Hours Ranger's Cabin Link

Name Time Grow Profit/hr Sale Price Love
Brown 3.5 Hrs Exp small180 Gold small90 Exp small51.4 Gold small25.7 Gold small1,350 5
Green 3.5 Hrs Exp small200 Gold small100 Exp small57.1 Gold small28.6 Gold small2,700 7
Blue 3.5 Hrs Exp small220 Gold small110 Exp small62.9 Gold small31.4 Gold small4,050 9
Talking 3.5 Hrs Exp small235 Gold small120 Exp small67.1 Gold small34.3 Gold small6,750 11

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