The Hare is an animal in the game Tiny Farm.




Cost: Bell small30, Level 1 required. Can also be attained as a reward for having all 3 Rabbits.

Ranger Info: ??? / takes ?? Hours Ranger's Cabin Link

Hare Statistics
Color Time Grow Profit/hr Sale Price Love Book Price
Pink 2.5 Hrs Exp small155 Gold small75 Exp small62Gold small30 Gold small1,700 4
Blue 2.5 Hrs Exp small170Gold small85 Exp small68Gold small34 Gold small3,400 6
Brown 2.5 Hrs Exp small185 Gold small95 Exp small74 Gold small38 Gold small5,100 8
Talking 2.5 Hrs Exp small200Gold small100 Exp small80 Gold small40 Gold small8,500 10see shop

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