The Leghorn is one of the animals in the game Tiny Farm.



Cost: Gold small6,500, Level 10 required

Ranger Info: Gold small3,250 / takes 10 Hours Please visit the link for more information for the Ranger's Cabin

Leghorn Statistics
Color Time Grow Profit/hr Sale Price Love Book Price
Green4.5 HrsExp small200Gold small100Exp small44.44Gold small22.22Gold small1,9504Gold small3,250
Brown4.5 HrsExp small220Gold small110Exp small48.89Gold small24.44Gold small3,9006Gold small6,500
Blue4.5 HrsExp small240Gold small120Exp small53.33Gold small26.67Gold small5,8508Bell small85
Talking4.5 HrsExp small260Gold small130Exp small57.78Gold small28.89Gold small9,75010see shop

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