The Long-Tailed Rooster is an animal in the game Tiny Farm. The name has been changed to Long Tailed Rooster.


Cost: Bell small65, Level 1 required. Can also be attained as a reward for having first 3 Leghorns.

Ranger Info: Gold small 9750 / takes 32.5 Hours Ranger's Cabin Link

Long-Tailed Rooster Statistics
Color Time Grow Profit/hr Sale Price Love Book Price
Blue 12 Hrs Exp small260 Gold small130 Exp small21.67 Gold small10.83 Gold small1,900 5
Brown 12 Hrs Exp small290 Gold small145 Exp small24.17 Gold small12.08 Gold small3,800 7
Green 12 Hrs Exp small315 Gold small155 Exp small26.25 Gold small12.92 Gold small5,700 9
Talking 12 Hrs Exp small340 Gold small170 Exp small28.33 Gold small14.17 Gold small9,500 11see shop

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