The Rabbit is an animal in the game Tiny Farm.



Cost: Gold small9,500, Level 13 required

Ranger Info: Gold small4,750 / takes 15 Hours 50 minutes Ranger's Cabin Link

Rabbit Statistics
Color Time Grow Profit/hr Sale Price Love Book Price
White 1.5 Hrs Exp small115 Gold small60 Exp small76.7 Gold small40 Gold small1,4504 4750
Brown 1.5 Hrs Exp small125 Gold small65 Exp small83.3 Gold small43.3 Gold small2,9006 9500
Black 1.5 Hrs Exp small140 Gold small70 Exp small93.3 Gold small46.7 Gold small4,3508 125Bell small
Talking 1.5 Hrs Exp small150 Gold small75 Exp small100 Gold small50 Gold small7,250 10 see shop

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