The Squirrel Rabbit is an animal in the game Tiny Farm.

Squirrel Rabbit


(Not in Animal Shop, can be attained from Ranger's Cabin for Gold small90,000/ takes 30 hrs) Ranger's Cabin Link

Squirrel Rabbit Statistics
Color Time Grow Profit/hr Sale Price Love Book Price
Red 45 Min Exp small70, Gold small40 Exp small100 Gold small53.3 Gold small1,400 3125Bell small
Orange 45 Min Exp small86 Gold small40 Exp small113.3 Gold small53.3 Gold small2,800 5150Bell small
Purple 45 Min Exp small90 Gold small45 Exp small120 Gold small60 Gold small4,2007300Bell small
Talking 45 Min Exp small100 Gold small50 Exp small133.3 Gold small66.7 Gold small7,000 9see shop

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