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A fan created a Wikia for the mobile app Tiny Farm. The app was created by Com2uS for iOS, Android and Facebook.

"For a farm so small it fits in your hands, Tiny Farm is jam-packed with sweet surprises and endless possibilities!"

Tiny Farms was born on the 15th September of 2011!

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Latest Updates
  • The Fourth map of adventure has been added to Tiny Farm!
  • New types animals have been added to the farm!

  • Ben, the talking sheep, guides you as you build your farm.
  • Lively animals: they 'bah' and 'moo' as they roam around!
  • Love Points: make your critters happy to breed the best animals.
  • Black Sheep, Blue Cows, and Talking Horses...raise them all!
  • Connect with your friends: visit them and help them raise more animals!
  • Scatter seeds: you can grow Alfalfa, Cucumbers, Ginseng and many more. Even seasonal crops will appear.
  • Darling designs and decorative structures means your farm is unique and gorgeous! Some of these structures can produce Gold, Bells, Love Points or Exp Points.

Wiki Content

Collection Book - Collect animals, decorations, recipes, Egg decorations

Breeding - Information on breeding animals and Love Points. Breeding Barn to breed with neighbors. Maybe try for a Panda!

Crops - All the information on crops you'd want to know. Harvest a crop in 1 min for Gold!

Buildings - Tells you what each building does, and includes information on building upgrades. Gifts and Love Points can be produced from the Buildings as well!!

Friends - Explains how to visit friends and use the messaging board's interface.

Events - Information on how to complete the current event during the game and a few tips.

Quests for Events - Quests that are linked to the Events Quests a list of possible quests Ben the sheep will have you to do for different rewards. This list only shows a few of the quests

Heroic Animals - The final tier for standard animals is here! These creatures have special skills and take lots of love.

Vacation Locations - Take your animals to the Beach or to the magical Toy Village.

Tiny Zoo - See the special new Wiki for Tiny Zoo

Adventurer's Cabin - Increase the mastery of your animals (Kind of replaced the Ranger's Cabin that's inactive now)

Strategy Guide - A little information about how to play the game

Currently updating as of January 2018

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Tiny News

  • 3rdcoastgyrl

    New Map update

    January 13, 2018 by 3rdcoastgyrl

    ~Tiny News~

    • It's a Big Turtle traveling around the far ocean to take care of the Corals! The 6th new map Turtle Island is finally released!
    • It's snowing in Tiny Farm! Meet the new Winter Animals in Tiny Farm!
    • Collect Snow Coins to open Snow Lucky Bags!
    • 2x chance of getting Black Tortoise from the Radia…
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  • 3rdcoastgyrl

    Dec 20 2017 update

    December 26, 2017 by 3rdcoastgyrl
    • Make the best Winter snack,Fishiyak! Check the event page for more info!
    • 2X chance of getting White Tiger from the Radiant Tiny Egg!
    • Get White Tiger with the Special Chance from the Breeding Barn!
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