The Unicorn is an animal in the game Tiny Farm. It can be found in the Collection Book.



(Not in Animal Shop, can be attained from Ranger's Cabin for Gold small120,000 / takes 40 hrs) Ranger's Cabin Link

Unicorn Statistics
Color Time Grow Profit/hr Sale Price Love Book Price
Blue 24 Hrs Exp small315 Gold small160 Exp small13.1 Gold small6.7 Gold small2,400 5150 Bell small
Purple 24 Hrs Exp small345 Gold small175 Exp small14.4 Gold small7.3 Gold small4,800 7200 Bell small
Emerald 24 Hrs Exp small375 Gold small185 Exp small15.6 Gold small7.7 Gold small21,450 9400 Bell small
Talking 24 Hrs Exp small405 Gold small200 Exp small16.9 Gold small8.3 Gold small200,000 11see shop

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