This animal is part of the Special Animals collection.

Time Grow Profit/hr Sale Price Love
2 Hours Exp small275Gold small105 Exp small137.5Gold small52.5 Gold small21,000 10

Where to get

  • Valentine's Day II Feb 2014- Valentine Animals obtained from the Valentine Box
    • Tiny Egg, or Penguins during Event
  • Special Chance in the Breeding Barn
  • Get multiple by using the Breeding Barn if you already have a Valentine Cat, offspring will be placed in the Inventory.
  • Breed two Valentine Cats on your farm for more on your farm, they can only be placed in the Animal Storage once they are placed on the farm.

Breeding Barn

Screenshot 2015-01-18-10-21-25-1

Valentine Cat in BB

Animal Animal Fail Cost % of Chance
V.FoxV.Fox ? 50 tokens 20%