As the game continues to add more animals with each new Event, the Barn storage slots are not increasing to eliminate a limit. Which animals does the player keep?

Who to keep?

These are factors which helped decide which animals to KEEP and which can not be replaced at an affordable fee.

  • Regular animals that cost Bells to repurchase in the collection book
  • Unlisted animals such as Special Animals
  • Event animals (maybe keep one instead of a pair) 
  • Cat and Dog collection are not available to repurchase in collection book
  • Heroic Animals

Inventory can help

The Inventory can help with the limited Barn Slot situation. Animals can arrive in the Inventory from the Breeding Barn, Taming an animal, Gift Box or hatched Eggs from the Nursery. The Inventory allows you to have 10 or more of one animal but only taking up one space in the Inventory.  Animals in Inventory do not count towards completing a collection, or having a certain animal. Animals must be in your barn or farm to "count" in any way during the play of the game.

We Cost Bells to repurchase

Below are animals that cost Bells to repurchase in the shop or collection book and should be stocked in your inventory if they are not in your barn.

  • ALL TALKING animals
  • Event animals
  • Certain regular collection animals

Number of Bells to repurchase MOSTLY T3 (Tier 3, third animal in species) animal chart, T1 before the names means ALL animals in that collection require Bells. T1 also mean Tier 1 animals as the first or basic animal in collection.

Blk Sheep 5 Blk Chicken 5 Blk Pig 20
Blue Dairy Cow 35 T1 BigHorn Sheep 15 Brwn BigHorn Sheep 30
Blk Bighorn Sheep 60 Green Spotted Pig 60 Blue Leghorn 85
Blk Cow 125 White Horse 150 T1 Hampshire 50
Grn Hampshire 100 Blue Hampshire 200 Blk Highlander 195
T1 LongTailed Rooster 65 Brn L Tailed Rooster 130 Green L Tailed Rooster 260
Purple Bearded Pig 225 Blk Zebra 285 T1 Boar 3
Gray Boar 7 Blk Boar 15 T1 Unicorn 150
Purple Unicorn 200 Emerald Unicorn 400 Blk Rabbit 125
Blue Spotted Rabbit 335 T1 Hare 30 Blue Hare 60
Brown Hare 120 T1 Squirrel Rabbit 125 Orange S. Rabbit 150
Purple S. Rabbit 300 Blue Reindeer 65 T1 Sika Reindeer 75
Pink S. Reindeer 150 Auburn S. Reindeer 300 Turquoise Bear 365
T1 Polar Bear 145 Gray P. Bear 290 Black P. Bear 580
Blk Striped Bear 400 Red Penguin T1 Ninja Penguin 150
Blue N. Penguin 300 Red N. Penguin 600 Crimson Brows Penguin 465
 T1 Emperor Penguin 175 Purple E. Penguin 350 Crimson E. Penguin 700
Pure White Alpaca 500 White Donkey 534 Red Turtle 565
T1 Sea Turtle 150 Green S. Turtle 300 Red S.Turtle 600
Blue Duck 600 T1 Mallard 175 Red Mallard 350
Brown Mallard 700 Reddish Brwn Goat 633 T1 Spotted Goat 175
Blue S. Goat 350 Red S. Goat 700 Black Turkey 700